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During the past days on holidays and the absence of attention to my clients’ issues, I had time and space to do a great interior introspection. I found out the fact that our work has an importance that sometimes is not perceived at first sight. In family constellations we observe that it has a great impact and influence on the individual and collective soul.

From a systemic perspective, working is a way of giving back the specialized help that we have received from others since our conception. We are able to recognize that there were many people involved in our arrival who did not belong to our family. Anyone who helped our mother, our father and ourselves was essential in keeping us alive, helping us to be born, accompanying our well-being and promoting our development and growth. There is a lot of gratitude for them when we take them into account. If we look at them with a “yes”, no matter which were their circumstances during the historical context in which they lived, a feeling of rest and energetic relaxation reaches us.

It is curious, that later, when we get older, we begin to feel an inner urge to return all that help received, usually through seeking specialized training or a profession that allows us to serve others and to balance the scales.

All this happens between equals, between adults, that is to say, in a horizontal way. Through our work we unconditionally give what we have received and do it in exchange for something, generally we call “money” this equivalent energy exchange.

In this exchange, it is important that we ourselves receive what is necessary to be able to continue giving to others and thus, we remain united in an invisible network that gives meaning and purpose to all our lives.

We also give back within our family, those who belong to our system, in that case we call it “caring”. This form of love is vertical because it does not occur between equals, and therefore it is not an exchange situation. We take care within the family. This care is given between generations as an expression of love, to the children, the elderly, the grandchildren…

Clearly life that has been given to us cannot be give it back (in a sense of a compensation) to our parents, it is something far too big. However, we can give it forward to our children, if we have, but also through our work to those who don’t belong to our family.

It is very interesting to observe in each family constellation that those who have received well, that is, those who have accepted and taken their parents as they have been, give well and unconditionally. We can also see how those who haven’t been able yet to take them into their hearts find it difficult to give back through work.

Likewise, through cases observation we can understand that it is work that chooses us through our family system and usually has the function of repairing something difficult that happened to our ancestors. In the same way, when this repair has already been carried out, a movement towards change arises in the soul, a feeling that we no longer want to continue doing that work. The energy of the family system moves us in this way towards the new, which always involves a process of adjustments that sometimes can be uncomfortable.

At a global level, current circumstances push, in the same way, many people to a “work crisis”. The message is clear, it is time to change, to stop what worked before, to abandon the inertia of keep imitating what we did and the way we did it. It is time to adapt to the present moment and to give service for what is now needed. This is the way new professions are constantly emerging and new services that are aligned with those changes.

This whole process depends on our ability to tune in to what happens in daily reality and our flexibility to adapt, at a good pace, to keep serving life with our profession or work.

Creativity and collaboration are now essential and if you want to look at work with another insight, I invite you to participate in my next workshops. Through family constellations we are going to be able to see our look at work from an internal insight, allowing us to make new choices with full awareness.

I wish you a happy autumn, full of fluid changes. I am working on it.


Rocío Palacios

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