A change to an ecological conscience should begin within each and every one of us – Can Zol

It’s been now two years since we began to spin this project, since we started to co-create this magical space. CAN ZOL Ecological Farm is our dream come true.

Someone once said “plant a tree and you will be sowing awareness”. Some time ago we took this phrase very seriously and taking in account this truth we have already planted more than 8,000 trees, including fruit trees and a beautiful vineyard with very special strains never before grown on the island.

We are fully dedicated our work to make allow this intention to be spread, to be echoed, and to transform into a consciousness of collective and universal unity that allows us to offer and enjoy our present «here and now». One more beautiful, full of joy and with a more dynamic and intimate future in community.

At CAN ZOL we believe that this more natural, organic and ancestral agriculture, supported by innovation and driven by a progressive paradigm shift, is now here to stay. From this vision, we propose to everyone to be part of the solution and the breadth of this look, instead the one of contamination and abandonment.

Committing to what is nearby, consuming local, ecological products, caring for our planet, pampering, respecting and loving oneself.

“If you serve nature, it will serve you” Confucius

During these two years we have learned a lot and have broadened our vision. We have opened our eyes to an incredible world full of possibilities.

We use ecological ways of working, respectful with the environment and with people. We are very happy to be able to contribute with a lot of love and dedication, to serve both individuals, restaurants and shops. Our vegetable, fruit and herb baskets are full of life. They are organic, ecological, bio, sustainable, fresh and safer (free of any chemical process or artificial intervention, without genetic alteration and proximity) so that final consumers can enjoy and taste a healthy and high quality product.

At Can Zol we cultivate HOPE, AWARENESS and CLOSENESS and harvest PRESENT AND FUTURE.

We invite you to visit us and get to know us. You can take a walk around our farm and be part of the change that we and the planet need so much.

How to get your organic food basket?

Call us the night before or early in the morning, and you will have your basket full of life freshly picked up. A healthy alternative for a balanced, varied and nutritious diet. In addition, you will be contributing to the care of the land of our beloved island.

News and products available each week are published in our social networks. Follow us on Instagram (@canzolibiza) and Facebook (Can Zol).


We’ll be waiting for you!



Carretera Ibiza Portinatx, Km 9,8
(07849) Santa Eulalia del Río
678 98 90 03
Fb: Can Zol / IG @canzolibiza

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