Keeping the creative flame alive – L’Atelier Nº 74

Dear winter, we know you are there, waiting. We want you to know that we love you…even though you are so very cold! L’atelier nº74 is ready. Partly in thanks to the wool collection that we wear as uniform; which you can learn how to make in our knitting or crochet workshops, or buy already made (rumour has it that the sweaters came climbing out of the wardrobes during Halloween, and because so many things happened, we don’t disregard it).

Perhaps you already know that the most important thing about this collection is that it is hand made on the island, by very powerful artisans. As a matter of fact, we invite everyone to practice their technique in our Saturday workshops. The novelty is that there will also be open tables, with more times and slots this winter, for those who don’t need lessons, but want to share a moment of creativity and join the project. We have wool and all materials at your disposal. Needles in action! (I bet you’re already thinking of excuses…just so you know, Paulina, our superstar knitter, continued to knit in the delivery room, she has become a legend). For this reason, we must warn you, it can get a little addictive, some of the side effects include; relaxation, joy, losing track of time, astounding capacity to focus and the possibility of making new friends.

The kitchen in L’atelier has also transformed with the season, changing the fresher recipes for warmer ones. Like ‘Farmer’s Chicken’, curious about the ingredients? Farmer’s chicken marinated in mustard, rosemary, pepper and salt. Accompanied by purple onion, garlic, carrot, fennel, parsnip and Zaatar spices. Curry is also added to the menu, soups of the day, the vegan hamburger, quiches and lots more. We serve the meals in our ceramic and enamel plate collection, because the special ingredient (which is no secret), is passion.

Speaking of passion…We have turned on the heaters so the terrace is cosy, as well as the covered tables in the garden. WINTER MODE ON! So much so, that to the drink’s menu, we have added chocolate milk (the authentic kind, that melts and releases the aroma of joy, like Chai) and ‘Winter red wine’! An instant antidote for your frozen hands, noses and hearts.

One thing leads to another and we’re already at the end of the year, Sunday reclaims its spot as the most awaited day of the week, with a buffet menu and a table of activities for the little ones to enjoy (you can request a canvas and watercolours for your table, any day and any time). We celebrate winter solstice… (If you go for a stroll through the shop, you’ll discover the Retro Velvet collection and other cosy creations, ideal for cloudy days) and… before we’ve noticed, it’s Christmas. We’ll do daily competitions for the chance to join workshops, so don’t hesitate in participating, there will be lots of chances to win.

On Wednesday afternoons we continue with the natural cosmetic workshops (an experience we recommend, learning how to create your own creams and products without chemicals is fascinating), as well as many other workshops like the Christmas calendar, cooking lessons, lettering…the list goes on.

We have also opened up the space for New Year’s Eve events, birthdays, team building and ‘any old excuse to celebrate and share a unique experience’, with activities and delicacies (not forgetting the Nomad events that are still taking place). We have made a loyalty card for Friends of L’atelier”, to reward the affection of those who always visit…

In Luna Food Truck you have sweet surprises waiting for you, and they won’t be the only things to raise your heartbeat…There are cars, stilts, bikes and vintage wooden toys, to take advantage of the magic in the square to the max. There’s nothing like hearing the laughter of children, to the rhythm of popping popcorn…What’s more, we’ve already conjured up a strategy in case anyone gets distracted and doesn’t return; make waffles with Nutella till the smell brings them racing back.

So much has happened in such a short space of time that this article falls short, and there’s no space left on the page, so, without further waffling, we welcome you, eager to have a great time, together, this season.

Mavi Iglesias



Creative space in the heart of Ibiza. Cafè, restaurant, take away, workshop area (ceramics, kitchen, weaving, painting, macramé, leather, among others). Decoration and fashion store for all ages, nomadic events and food track in Santa Gertrudis park.  Open every day from 9:30 am – 11:30 pm.

Reservations: 971 197 326

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