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When I talk about numerology, those who listen to me automatically become fascinated. What do the numbers have that they immediately generate curiosity in everybody?

Could it be that we enter into resonance with the information of each number and that our biological unconscious knows everything that the conscious does not know?

They say that the Universe is mathematics and geometry. If we take this as true, we may understand that numbers are a determining factor in our existence.

But how does Numerology work?

I will explain it to you with an example: someone who was born on 12/14/1980 when adding each of the numbers will give us that it is an 8 with qualities of number 5.

And how did I get to this result?

Well, when we have a date, what we do is add all the numbers until we get a single digit, for example:

Birth: December 14th, 1980

1+2+1+4+1+9+8+0= 26 (this is the result of adding all the numbers of the date of birth)

But numerology only contemplates numbers from 1 to 9, so we have to add:

2+6= 8 is the number of this person.

And 1+4= 5 of the day of birth.

Let’s imagine that we are looking at the numerology of a woman. By her 8 we can tell that she has come equipped with a lot of physical strength, willpower, determination and courage. Surely her life will give her great challenges that she will be able to manage and, through her perseverance, she will try it again a thousand times. Failure is not a word in her vocabulary, she knows that every setback is an opportunity to learn, get up and start again.

She feels that she is here to do something great and, if she starts a business, after a while she will see how to set up branches or, at the very least, make it big by giving others opportunities to team up.

She can sometimes be a bit rough and hurt the feelings of people with more sensitive numbers who can’t keep up with her.

The number 5 of her birth day tells us that she is an impatient woman, she needs movement and being in contact with people, where she finds contacts to continue generating life.

A number 5 cannot have her wings clipped because she needs to fly, to move and interact with others. They also have very good intuition.

This is a small example. Each number has its characteristics and, by knowing them, we can better understand each other, in the family, with friends, at work.

Using this tool to create teams, for example, we can make everything work more effectively by using and respecting the most significant characteristics of each one, generating greater well-being from respect and understanding of all.

Having such a useful «tool», I couldn’t help it and I had to share it with everyone who likes «this stuff». One day I decided to investigate and try to unite Family Constellations and numerology. It seemed interesting to me to see what would happen if we constellated the numbers of each person. Some are so contradictory that if we have them together they can cause a person to be in a constant fight with himself. For example: a person who is a 1, with a birth day of 2, may have a lot of drive to start new things, break with the established, investigate and go further, but the 2 stops him and makes him think that he cannot do it, that he has to let someone else do it and he may help him with his idea.

Here we see that the number 1 initiates and that the number 2 is the one that gives the support. Someone with these numbers will surely end up frustrated by the feeling that whatever he does he will always be fighting with that inner voice that makes him doubt everything.

Thanks to Family Constellations I found the answer: doing the Family Constellation with your numbers helps you to find some strategies. First, because it allows you to get to know yourself better and to know who you are, what your gifts and talents are and how to use them, knowing how to identify when you are acting from a number that helps you or when you are doing it from another number that trips you up and takes you away from your purpose…

By being able to constellate, you will see and identify how you act unconsciously and in response to the conditions that make up your family. By seeing it, you will be able to put in order what it generates in your family system.

If you want to get to know yourself better and learn how to use your potential without fighting internally, come and learn about numerology. I assure you that you will enjoy learning a method that, without a doubt, will give you the tools to apply it to yourself, or if you want, to apply it with others.

This course will be held in Ibiza on the weekend of September 24 and 25, 2022.

Also, if what you want is to carry out your transformation process through Family Vonstellations, check the training dates on my website, or call María Giovanna who coordinates my courses in Ibiza: 622 345 889


María Martínez Calderón

Therapist, Family Constellator and author of the book «Manual para aprender a amarte».
+34 622 345 889


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