Art is to be shared – L’Atelier Nº 74

The happiness we feel when reflecting on others and to confirm how good it makes us experience to put our hands into action. Or perhaps, the luxury of leaving screens aside in this digital age and exploring matter with all our senses. And without a doubt, the result of the unique experience of being together… These are reasons enough to put everything on the table. Summer mode is now activated!

L’atelier nº74, a creative space with workshop, restaurant and shop in Santa Gertrudis, welcomes you to the longest —and hottest— days of the year, with floats, hats and vintage umbrellas everywhere. In other words, this season, no one will deprive themselves of a good dip in the water or a nap in the shade… Ahh, the simplest pleasures in life!

In the crochet workshop, sweaters give room to summer dresses and other creations that, due to their whiteness and timelessness, remind us of the mythical Adlib fashion aesthetic. In the garden, the fuchsia of the bougainvillea flowers capture all eyes (until they discover the artisanal ice creams and there they stay, in a gesture of telekinetic intention that even sometimes seems to melt them).

At the entrance, the caravans wait to be called to take the nomadic workshops to stroll through the streets of the island. On the menu, fresh novelties have been added as well as a very tempting snack that can be ordered from 5 in the afternoon, with a selection of cold meats, cheeses, hummus and tapenade. Ideal to combine with an Aperol Spritz, a “Tinto de Verano” or the fresh juices… The creativity for the toast is all yours! And if you are just passing through… There is also take away.

From June, the opening hours are extended, and also the offer of workshops: ceramics (by hand or on a wheel), macramé, natural incense, fabric flowers, customization of leather bags, embroidery, as well as cooking, painting and pottery for children, among others, in the morning or afternoon, you can find everything at and you can reserve online your place.

Tables are specially decorated to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and conquer the horizon. What to say about the house decoration collection, which was shot directly towards the main square in the center of Santa Gertrudis and was installed in a new store called “La Maison”.

This project takes up the initial passion of nº74, giving a second chance to objects that were once forgotten, combining them with the handmade collections for all the different spaces in your house. Could it be that is one of this objects that is looking for us, and not the other way around. La Maison awaits you with its doors open, as well as a proposal for workshops on the go, two-minute walk away, on the pedestrian street in front of the church.

Say no more, the invitation has been made: stop by L’atelier and let the party begin!



Coffee shop, restaurant, shop, creative workshops and events.
Reservations: +34 686 703 094
Venda de Fruitera, 4 – Santa Gertrudis


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