Blooming with Spring – L’Atelier Nº 74

Although winter slowed down the effervescence of the island with its inevitable coldness, many things happened inside L’atelier. Far from being a few months of tranquillity, in the creative laboratory of Santa Gertrudis we turned everything upside down (literally, since we renewed the floors in all areas), we painted and moved the bar, in addition we made some changes in the kitchen and in the staff too.

To make these decisions, we surveyed the team since, as in other issues in life, the pros and cons on the list were many, and it was necessary to act in time to get everything ready for the reopening. Each one contributed with their points of view and with all the arguments on the table, we took action.

While some broke down walls, others organized the stock, some reviewed the gastronomic offer, and so on… The only ones in this extensive collaborative chain that rested throughout the winter were… the cats of Santa Gertrudis. In front of our very eyes, they found a way to take shelter among the boxes and construction materials, taking advantage of the absence of our visitors’ dogs during the season. Our main theory is that these little furry friends don’t have 7 lives but rather 74, because they always come back, we don’t know how (if anyone finds out the answer, please tell it to Maca, our maintenance manager).

L’atelier’s menu was also renewed with new recipes, such as the tuna toast and pressed olive, caper and lemon tapenade, or the smoked salmon bagel with dill cream cheese, horseradish and lemon zest (once you try it, there is no turning back, you enter an infinite loop of pleasure in the form of a bagel). This, in addition to new versions of gluten-free pancakes, such as waffles or bread. We have been incorporating options so that everyone is happy. We have renewed the salads and, we have also reviewed in general all our recipes, adjusting them with the details compiled at the end of the season by our team of waitresses and thanks to the contribution of all the customers who gave us their feedback.

From the other side of the patio murmurs and turnstiles are heard that turn, interrupted by a: “Raise your hands! This is a workshop”. One of the facilitators, in the midst of a creative outbreak, called to order and that is how they all got back to work again and put the cakes aside, waiting for the next break. Everything has its cycles… And this is how we welcome a new one, with a fresh Extracurricular Program, so that the little ones have a guaranteed creative space every day of the week. Painting, Crafts, Cooking and Ceramics are the four activities that you can sign up for with a monthly subscription, by sending an email to

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg for 2022. What else? La Maison! On the other side of Santa Gertrudis square, we have opened a store dedicated exclusively to home decoration, where you can get all the furniture you see at L’atelier, as well as other unique collections and treasures that have in common the vintage style we are so fond of an that is so popular today. And something surprising… in this same space we will also offer Take Away food for those who prefer to eat on the beach or wherever adventure calls them…

And after speaking about La Maison, for those who are very curious, we moved “the office” (a.k.a caravan & Mordor) to a studio where the designers and the back office team turn on those lights that later become in ideas.

I will not talk about the new collections of swimsuits or the Terry Cotton Sponge, because it is better if you come to see them in person and give us a hug, since (I allow myself a bit of romanticism after a few months of hibernation) we miss you all passing by L’atelier. Without a doubt, the most beautiful thing about this project is seeing it in action. We are waiting for you!




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