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What is Access Bars®?

It is the base of a set of Access Consciousness® body and verbal processes, created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer in 1990.

Access bars are points that we have in our head similar to meridians, through which energy flows. When they are touched gently they stimulate a positive neurological change in the brain, activate the body’s natural ability to heal and generate the required physiological changes for greater well-being.

The use of this technique releases physical, mental and emotional blocks accumulated within the body, leading to greater ease in the different areas of life.

A bar session feels like a gentle massage. You can have the experience on a single session, and also monthly, weekly or daily.

The benefits have been scientifically verified: “When we have negative feelings or emotions, the spherical shape of the cells of our body are impacted with this energy and become elliptical. This is the first step towards illness. When the Bars are activated, we discharge the energy of the feelings and emotions that keep us stuck, returning the cells to their original shape». Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin

Many times we decide to start an activity, but our body does not respond as it should. Access Bars® sessions clean the unconscious at a deep level, releases root limitations and gives space for new forms of life.

These are tools that invite you to get out of the polarity of thoughts limitations, feelings and emotions that keep us in judgment and expectation, in the past or the future. They empower you to know what really works for you.

After the sessions, most people achieve better physical health, mental clarity and stress reduction, increased their motivation and communication, increasing feelings of happiness, joy, gratitude and peace. They achieve deeper relaxation and less migraines and insomnia. It reduces many symptoms of depression, panic, obsessions and hyperactivity. It brings greater intuition, better relationships…

Learning to receive is the key to attracting more of what you have been searching for in your life.

My name is Evangelina Aronne, I am psychologist since more than 20 years, I founded and coordinated the Comprehensive Center for Multiple Looks Therapies. During my constant search for complementary techniques, I came across with Access Bars®, the newest discipline within the vast range of alternative therapies related to well-being. I have noticed so many positive effects in my life that I chose to train as a Facilitator, give sessions and teach Access to Consciousness tools in different parts of the world.

LEARN ACCESS BARS and Become an “Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner” and get an International Certificate

What are the lessons about?

Each lesson has a duration of 8 hours. You receive a manual that will help you learn the verbal processes, head points, and proper hand positions. During each class you will receive two sessions and you will give two sessions!

Who are the lessons for?

Anyone who with the ability to learn, even children. You can give sessions to yourself, your family, friends and start or expand services in your office.

Some questions that may guide you towards what you want

How would I like my life to be?

What can I choose and create today that would change my life for the better?

How can my life be if I receive a session? What if I take a class?


Online Lessons
Monday: Being You, changing the world
Tuesday: Pragmatic Psychology. Tools to be madly happy
Wednesday: More time, more money, more joy
Thursday: Money is not the problem, it is you
Friday: Stress Relief

Saturdays: Access Consciousness Bars with International Certificate

Everything in life comes to me with ease, joy and glory®



Lic. Evangelina Aronne – Psychologist M.P 3528

Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
Appointments and Registration: 633 600 310


IG: @ Accesoalaconciencia.by.evan
FB: @ Accesoalaconciencia.by.evan

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