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Who is Chiropractic suitable for? It is suitable for everybody! People are surprised to see how we adjust pregnant women, babies, or children. They ask questions like: «Do they already need it when they are so young?» or «if nothing is hurting, why do they need to be adjusted?”.

Due to the symptomatic education we receive, we normally make this kind of reasoning, «if it hurts, I need to treat it, and if it doesn’t hurt, I don’t have to.» But in Chiropractic this is approached in a totally different way. We are in favor of preventive care and the constant improvement and maintenance of our health. As B.J. Palmer (son of the creator of Chiropractic) once said: «it is easier to stay healthy than to cure a disease.»

CHILDHOOD and PREGNANCY are stages where the body undergoes many important physical and chemical changes. When the body is stronger and more balanced, it has a greater capacity to adapt to all these variations.

The hormonal and physical changes that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy have two important objectives. The first one is to create space for the baby to be nourished, grow and develop in balance within her womb. The second one, is to prepare for childbirth with the production of hormones such as relaxin, progesterone, estrogens… It is for this reason and thanks to these hormones, that during pregnancy the ligaments that support the joints acquire greater elasticity, allowing more flexible movements. To the latter, if we add weight gain throughout pregnancy, we will understand that in the short or medium term, the spine and pelvis of all pregnant women become unbalanced.

Pelvic imbalance may cause a uterus twist and may add pressure on the baby’s head. As a consequence, the baby may present cranial asymmetry at birth and making the delivery more difficult, among other affectations.

Postural and spinal imbalance in the pregnant woman is synonymous of vertebral subluxations (impingement on the spinal nerves). Vertebral subluxation syndrome may cause many different symptoms: organic dysfunctions for mother and baby, muscle contractions, back pain, low back pain, sciatica, irritability, heavy digestion, poor sleep, headaches, colic, ear infections, hyperactivity…

In these cases, chiropractic care is responsible for correctly positioning the pelvis, aligning the spine and correcting the posture, to avoid subluxations and to help keeping a proper functioning of the entire body (both mother and baby). Statistically it is shown that a good pelvic balance helps to shorten the delivery time and can help to avoid cesarean delivery.

Due to the poor position in the mother’s uterus or the birth process (depending on the type of intervention that is carried out) babies may have their first subluxation that irritates their nervous system.

A study done by Gutmann that examined more than 1,000 children, concluded that approximately 80% of all newborns had some form of nerve dysfunction. He commented that many of their health problems can arise from the subluxation of the first vertebra of their neck. He observed that with light pressure with the index finger (adjustment) the medical profile got normalized.

No only during childbirth children can suffer subluxations, this happens also during childhood and adolescence, caused by different kind of traumas:

Physical: the process of learning to walk, falls while riding a bike, scooter, a bad posture, heavy backpacks. Also, we should name the «current evil» of mobile phones, tablets and computer games, in which they spend several hours and not exactly in good posture.

Chemical: poor diet, sweets, soft drinks. During adolescence alcohol and tobacco consumption, which is starting earlier and earlier.

Emotional: studies, mother and father scolding generating emotional stress, teachers’ demands at school, feelings that they don’t fit in with their classmates, bullying, not stand a brother / sister…

Childhood is the ideal time to be able to correct vertebral subluxations in a simple way and in a short time. In addition, it prevents possible symptoms or future problems in adulthood.


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