The day I learned hoy to fly – Tanit Rubinos

Let me tell you a story, one that deals with those moments in life where you feel lost, disoriented, not knowing what to do with your life.

It started 9 years ago, just after one of my greatest wishes was fulfilled: being a mother.

We get ready for that moment with a lot of expectation, enthusiasm, desire and with self-arguments of how prepared you are for this.

There I was, nine years ago, a woman with many desires but few resources.

Reality made me get off the cloud in which I had suddenly risen, filling me with uncertainty, doubts, insecurity and above all, a feeling of being completely overwhelmed on an emotional level.

I fell into the darkest of wells, not knowing how to get out of it and even worse, without knowing how this happened.

I found myself repeating my mother’s patterns with an accuracy that scared me. We always believe that we can change and improve everything that you did not like about your parents. In addition, we think that it will live in a completely different way than the one we lived in our childhood, especially if our experience has not been the easiest or the most rewarding one.

There I was, with two little twin babies, without a clue of what to do with them. Totally blocked on an emotional level. Every day I felt invaded by a whole series of emotions that were preventing me to enjoy the miracle that my children are.

Moreover, I was with guilt of not being able to enjoy their presence, and almost rejecting them, without knowing how to manage my emotional “tsunami”.

Luckily, I made the decision to ask for help from the desperation of not knowing what to do. I believe that it is very important to open up to ask for help and to receive it when you feel down.

My salvation has a name, it is called ThetaHealing, a technique that allowed me to delve into my subconscious and detect, understand, heal and change all the beliefs that were creating in me that reality that was overwhelming me.

That was the day I learned how to fly!

Since then, nothing is an obstacle in my life, but rather a stepping-stone that propels me to the next level of consciousness.

My life has become a learning space where I decide how to learn.

Having this therapeutic autonomy made me recognize in myself the divine essence that I am, and fully experience my creative potential.

Now I dedicate myself to accompanying people like me, to transform their lives from that place of consciousness, through this wonderful technique that is ThetaHealing.

Do not be fooled, we all have creative and intuitive capacities; we just have to decide to use them in full consciousness and in connection with our highest being.

If you feel like transforming your life for your highest good, ThetaHealing is for you. My name is Tanit Rubinos, Souls Inspirer and Trainer of the ThetaHealing technique. For further information check on our website



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