Family, I am back again! – Helena Cuerva

I am trying to write this leader in just 30 min, my baby is taking a nap and that’s the only time I have to do it.

As many of you know, in October 2020 my baby was born and everything got quite complicated, therefore, we haven’t published our magazine since then.

AARTI is not only my job, is my way of life, my passion, the space where I can develop my creativity. I enjoy, I have fun. As you know, when I write these leaders, I unleash and share with you a kind of written “self-therapy». It is important to say that AARTI means also meeting with friends, getting to know each other, creating this family-tribe.

The magazine’s designer, Laura, has also been a mom almost at the same time as me. We have certainty that now our priority are our babies, we are fully dedicated to them, to their care, their attention, etc…  this is why it was difficult for us to decide when was the best moment to publish the magazine again. On the other hand, motherhood is much more complicated than we thought, nobody speaks about this – I will talk about it in AARTI’s October leader, since It is a topic that I want to address in a deep and personal way and I cannot write about it in just 30 min. during the morning nap and 30 min. during my baby’s afternoon nap. So… after thinking through it a lot… we finally decided to do it!

Here we are, venturing to work again. Blending our role as 21st century women entrepreneurs with our new role as mothers.

To sum it up, maybe we should have thought better…

Surely a smile has been drawn on the face of those mothers who are reading this. Without needing to say more, you understand what I’m talking about. And you also know that when you are a mother and you are 100% dedicated to your baby, there comes a time when you need to escape from the tandem «baby-mom-breast-home», you need to glimpse that life goes on… that you are alive… and that you are not trapped in the «Groundhog day.»

This July 2021 AARTI edition has been a challenge for us. Work meetings, obviously, were with our babies, and for about two hours we tried to work, between breastfeeding, changing diapers, cradles, games, etc… Hopefully, we are back to the magic number 30 min. of profitable work. Ando, what can I tell you about our WhatsApp audios we have been sending to each other… whispering the messages because the baby was sleeping on our arms, or with a background full of cries, or overwhelmed because we were taking the baby out of the car, holding a bag, leaving the shopping with the baby crying because decided that just at that moment he wanted to be breastfed…

When you have a baby, normal stress and fatigue from work has to be added to the tiredness of not sleeping at night. Laura has been luckier with this, because she and her baby Kira sleep quite well. In my case, I’ve been sleeping only three hours per night since Devendra was born. I know this is because my Love, he really wants to live, to learn, does not want to miss anything or «waste any time», I believe that as he war before time, he is now recovering that month and a half he had to be in the incubator (as he was born weighing just a kilo), so now he wants to spend all his nights eating and eating from mommy’s breasts. He is becoming a «chubby» baby doing the catch-up according to his age, and this is priceless. In addition, mothers who breastfeed, no matter how much we sometimes complain about spending the whole  day with our breasts «hanging» or without resting (in my case my baby eats every two hours)… those baby-mom-breast moments are really special, beautiful, unique. This is a Sacred moment where the bond that unites us is much greater than the simple figure of mother-child-breastfeeding. We feel Unconditional Love, Purity, Innocence, Beauty… pure Life…

Although my eyes can no longer be seen because of the bags and dark circles that I have, gray hair is taking over my hair and my cells have not been able to regenerate for months, all this does not matter when Devendra gives me a smile or caresses my face with his small hands.

In summary, what I am here to tell you with this leader is that for surely you are going to find in this edition more than one mistake… This is also the reason why from now on AARTI will be published every three months. The next edition will be in October… oops! Tomorrow I will have to start writing the next leader text… may be I have enough time to do it…

By the way, what was I going to going to say? …since pregnancy my memory began to «fail» and since I don’t sleep, it is no longer just the memory, but dkl kdi opodcfgf mvnvhj I find myself without words…


Helena Cuerva
July 2021

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