The countless advantages of organic and local products – Can Zol

Ecological products and 0 km products have an increasing presence in our daily life, as they guarantee healthy and fresh products of the highest quality, without chemical additives or preservatives and also with better flavor.

Products transported throughout long distances may spend weeks in freezers. When we buy in the local market we get a fresh harvested food and at its optimum moment of maturation.

Fresh products from the orchard directly to your home table, or to your local restaurant

If we know and value the different varieties of fruit and vegetables of our area, we enrich regional gastronomy, making it a unique cultural asset. Seasonal and local foods are healthier and taste better. A product collected yesterday has much more flavor and nutritional properties than one collected weeks ago that has been artificially kept in fridges.

In Ibiza, chefs are making their dishes with raw materials obtained from local producers. This helps to promote local gastronomic culture and tradition, and in this way customers receive guaranteed authentic, natural, nutritious and delicious dishes.

Following «slow food» philosophy, eating local and organic food also reduces polluting gas emissions. The transport of products from distant places causes high CO2 emissions that cause climate change.

On the other hand, you can only buy the amount of food that you really need, unlike the large quantities in packages that are sold in large stores that often end up in the trash. This is the senseless consumerism that promotes an unsustainable model, both environmentally and socially, harming the well-being of the Planet. The solution is as simple as carrying out a critical and rational consumption, thinking about the quantities and products that we really need to satisfy our daily needs. Buying in small quantities also means reducing packaging, plastic bags, etc.

In many cases, it is small farmers who keep some varieties of native fruits and vegetables alive, and this is also due to the polyculture that agroecology entails. Buying from local producers supports sustainable development. If we do this, farmers will be able to keep using the land to produce food. As they grow, more local people will also be employed. In short: we can help to preserve and even create sustainable employment in our environment. We all know that eating a varied diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is very beneficial to our health.

Can Zol Ibiza is a new ecological farm located in the heart of the island that was born in response to the need of its creators, Zoe, Lorena and Gabriel, to return to the origin and contact with nature, to help the planet regenerate their lands and to encourage healthy consumption with local and quality products; recreating in consumers, not only the palates, but also the view, a place full of flowers, magic and a lot of love.

Can Zol Ibiza’s team have a great passion and enthusiasm to make their piece of land not only a simple orchard, but also a place where you can walk, be at peace and fill yourself with energy. Like the Flower of Life, Can Zol Ibiza is the connection of life and spirit within the universe.

If you come to Can Zol Ibiza you will find that «tomatoes tastes like tomatoes and that strawberries, taste like strawberries».

How can you get a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables?

You can come directly to Can Zol Ibiza, enjoy a walk while you choose the products from your basket, or you can ask for it and we will take it to your place. Through our social networks we inform about the products available every week.

100% organic / Sustainability / Proximity / Km0 / Nature is our home

Come and visit us!



Carretera Ibiza Portinatx, Km 9,8
(07849) Santa Eulalia del Río
678 98 90 03
Fb: Can Zol / IG @canzolibiza

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