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Right now it is very difficult for me to write this article. Why? …what am I going to write about that we are not tired of hearing with friends or listening in stores or reading on social media? If you don’t talk about nowadays little topic, people believe you are freak who wants to live away from reality, someone who dreams with unicorns that shit rainbows or a madman who denies the major premise. If you write about the aforementioned topic… you repeat yourself more than garlic –as they say here in Spain-. Anyway… what do I want to write about? … let’s see…

Everything went to hell… old things are useless… totally useless… although there is an effort to recover previous incomprehensible and absurd things, a logical approach… the new stuff is not yet a reality… only a theory. In my neighborhood Russian reggeton is back, with an insane volume, you can hear it during the whole day played from one of many luxury rental houses for tourists located in the surroundings. Tourists are received with joy and we can witness the ever-widening economic and social gap. My rich or single friends look down on the poor who decide to get vaccinated because is the only way to travel with three children. In other case, they would have to pay five PCRs and, if you are not resident… you have no choice … things are difficult. It’s easy to criticize when you have plenty of money in your pocket. Sure, you can always choose not to travel, but it reminds me of my childhood when at some point we had to stop spending our summer at Mar Menor and started going to a small town in the mountains because there was no money, nothing has changed at all.

The famous prices decrease never happened, not only do they did not go down… they kept going up, and workers are condemned to fight each other over the crumbs. Immigrants are a great danger. Once again left-wing sympathizers say that: “nobody represents me”. And the most dangerous fascism rubs its hands while most of the people say… that they are all the same… Is this really happening?

Therapists can’t cope because this little topic left us something called «cabin syndrome». And with it panic attacks fueled month after month with a lack of expectations, giving us no reasons to leave home. And at home, our black screen friend always awaits, this new guru that indoctrinates us online and that tells us that they are all advantages. Just sit down nomad human being, you, human being who has for centuries learned when walking, letting life flow in your body to tell your own truth. Just sit down, give all the control to your eyes and your little head and let your body… fall asleep.

WTF … how apocalyptic, dude. What’s wrong with you? Are you depressed?…

Not at all… here we are… in our school… face-to-face… a beehive where you can come to refuel and feed yourself, a place to meet others like you. To laugh, to laugh a lot… here we keep on going. Our ship did not sink… we have brought it home and we are still to be a school of life, to provide tools, compasses and maps to get you back to the only one who has the knowledge… yourself.

Here we are, and now I do not shut up. We invite you to come, to meet, to be critical. Make no mistake, we are not going to prevent you being in the middle of this huge cow pasture, and we are neither going to give you spiritual comfort (we are not priests, nor spiritual leaders). We are only going to “fry” you with many questions, the important ones, so you won’t stop walking. We do it because we are very “cool”? Not at all… it’s because this is the way of life we love. As we are actors… we need an audience. We all win.

Is it true another world is possible? We don’t know it, probably it will take some time, buy meanwhile we can make possible to have a different perspective, one from your own that may help you to find yourself. You should know you are not alone, because you are not.

We have to keep on walking, because we are nomads and we have to keep traveling, finding thousands of realities in whatever form. Doing so, no one will come to say that the people of this or that town are better. Physical or mental sedentary has a little margin, a very short wick, so anyone may start the fire from one side or the other at any time.

Let’s keep on walking in groups… as it has always been… this is something I don’t feel like changing it.


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