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Tired of going around the same thing over and over again? Despite doing an ‘interior work’ you do not feel any progress? Do you always feel the same?

Entering your personal metaphysical constellation means taking a qualitative jump to access the depths of yourself. We cannot modify the roots, in other words, what happened in our psychobiography, or what we bring in our genetic background, but we can work on how we understand and interpret those experiences we had, that have been crystallized in thoughts and emotions. These interpretations are operating in our consciousness and determine the kind of fruits of our life experience tree. Yes, we can work on the fruits, but if we do not access the constitution of that core and make changes there, those fruits will keep on emerging as they have done before, meaning our experiences will be repeated over and over again.

Thoughts and emotions of that trunk can be summarized in three fundamental nodes: the idea of ourselves, who we think we are, our idea of ​​the MEANING OF LIFE, whether we know it or not we have one, and our idea of the ​​WORLD and how it shows. Any belief or emotion we have can be classified in one of these nodes, making a semantic-emotional network that configures our consciousness or personal operational philosophy that conditions our way of understanding, feeling and reacting to the world.

The rest of your vital constellations such as family, money, relationships, profession, etc., are only a consequence of how your “operating philosophy” is configured, as if it were a source code or computer program.

We can work on these trunk nodes, accessing through reflection and self-knowledge that allows us to identify how they are configured. In this way, and based on what we call “felt understandings” we can carry out a process of awareness and transformation to direct our life towards areas desired by ourselves. This work is essentially philosophical, because the meanings of those nodes that are at the base of your positions before life, existence and the interpretation of what happens to us, are also philosophical. Do you dare to go inside?


Gabriel Molina Marí
Filósofo asesor

Tel: 608 483 584

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