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The postpartum closing of the bones is an ancestral ceremony that comes from the traditional Mexican midwifery that, to this day, is a wisdom that continues to be transmitted from woman to woman, from midwife to midwife.

Traditional Mexican midwifery works an indigenous worldview during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. The energy of women at that time is heat, trying to keep or to create a good balance, to avoid stagnation between hot and cold and, but not only understood as temperature but also as expansion and contraction, yin and yang.

The closing of the bones is the last part of the state of heat. It is usually done after giving birth, but sometimes is done many months later. It also helps when there has been an abortion, grief, separation or other difficult situations that we want to close to return to our center and make space for new experiences.

During this ancient ritual, we use music therapy to reach to our feminine deeper state. As well as the voice, to connect even more with the waters of the mother’s womb and with beings transformation.

Music generates cellular movement that releases all kinds of resistance that exist at a more internal level, sound is transmitted by vibration in all existing energy and thus, its resonance is received in our tissues, organs, liquids and brain to reach an optimal state of calm, well-being and balance, facilitating the connection with the origin, with the power of women.

It is very important to create a sacred space at the opening of the ritual to generate a zone of trust, co-creating a particular bond with each woman.

We harmonize the space. The ceremony is performed in private to create intimacy the ritual’s opening circle. First, a vaginal steam bath (uterine temazcal) takes place, with the appropriate medicinal herbs for each woman. It may be lavender, sage, rosemary, arnica, elderflower, chamomile… or whatever she chooses. The woman sits down and we ask her to connect and feel the purposes and intentions for which she is performing the ritual. She receives these vapors in a state of silence and meditation, each woman has her own time.

Afterwards, it is time for the woman to lie down and to start the closing with “el rebozo” (a traditional Mexican cloth with multiple uses, such as carrying babies, collecting firewood, helping the delivery, etc.). Little by little the central energetic physical channel of the woman is being sealed; paying special attention to her hips.

This is the moment where the women receives her closing energy, joined by the sound of ancestral instruments and songs. It is a moment where something very special comes to light.

To proceed to the closing of the ceremony, it is time for a touch massage with great care and love.

Effects and benefits:

– Integration of the experiences of having given birth and going through a grief.
– Communicate to the cells of the body that the stage of pregnancy and childbirth is over and it is time to close this sacred time.
– Balance hormonal production by activating oxytocin and prolactin favoring breastfeeding.
– Readjust the sacrum and pelvis.
– Eliminates toxins, liquids and accumulated fatigue.
– Increases blood circulation.
– Connection with our clan, ancestors, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers…
– Restraint for the mother.

The herbs that have been used in the uterine temazcal are given to the woman to take a bath and rub with them, thanking herself and her body for the labor carried out in labor.


Alba & Inma

Alba Castan: mom, doula, shawl ceremony, prenatal yoga, therapeutic massages, preparation for childbirth.
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Inma Ruiz: mother and emotional companion, music therapist, therapeutic Breathwork & yoga, Red Tent facilitator, Reiki Master.
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