Yes to life is within you – Pablo García Reino

The main idea of ​​the Family Constellations is that the script of life, destiny, dynamics, and people problems have an important relation with the framework of family bonds, with our parents, brothers, grandparents…

As we belong to a family system, our individual soul turns into a collective soul. The group works as a whole and the goal is to be in balance with all its members in the correct position that corresponds to them, to allow life development with strength and fluency.

Sometimes the family balance gets lost due to various events and experiences that may have occurred. When this happens, normally some members of the family system have had to accommodate their position and, on occasions, have unconsciously positioned themselves in a place that does not correspond to them, losing the flow with themselves and with life.

Family Constellations are a brief and deep therapy, since in a short time we can observe and transcend hidden dynamics in which we are involved in our family system and that generate certain difficulties to orient ourselves towards the different aspects of life in a fluid way: the couple, work, health, economy…

Training in Family Constellations is aimed at those people who wish to increase their understanding of themselves and their beloved ones. It also helps to immerse into a deep process of personal growth, with a progressive understanding of the nature of relationships and their dynamics in any of the areas where we participate.

It is also aimed at aid professionals or people who are related to family areas: psychologists, therapists, doctors, social workers, teachers, educators, counselors, mediators, judges, consultants, communicators, coaches, human resources managers…

It is an experiential training, eminently face-to-face and involving group participation.

The training will be divided into 8 Weekend Modules. From September 2021 to April 2022. There will be 1 meeting per month.


Pablo García Reino

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