Urgent Call! – Helena Cuerva

This leader is an urgent call to reconnect with ourselves, with our life and our freedom.

A proposal to change the vision of what happened in 2021 and a look from another perspective.

We should say goodbye to this year feeling Gratitude in our hearts. I don’t want this to be misinterpreted or to sound too hippy. I do not deny the anger, sadness, rebellion, anger… that we may have felt for the current situation and through all we have experienced, but we can always choose and focus our energy into a loving direction towards ourselves and towards those we have near.

Gratitude is really important in times of crisis, as it reminds us and makes us appreciate how lucky we are, just for being alive, among many other things. It brings us the great teaching to treasure every small detail that, perhaps at other times, we would not have seen. The simple fact of receiving a call, a word of encouragement or support, sharing a laugh, etc. It leads us to express this emotion and thus, any adverse situation can turn into a hopeful one.

Gratitude frees us from those toxic emotions and improves our health and well-being.

During these days where individualism and dehumanization seem to be gaining ground. It is essential to be in «Here and Now» and attentive to each «gift» that life has to offer. At the end of the day, I am sure that we will have many reasons to be grateful.

Feeling gratitude, instead of feeling being «attacked» or in «defense mode”, helps us to be able to understand others better, to be kinder, leaving behind those things that do not deserve it.

This positive attitude also offers us a greater capacity to deal with adversity, broadening our view of what happens in our lives, allowing us to make decisions from another place, where there is more clarity and authenticity.

Breathe… exhale… inhale… feel gratitude where anxiety, stress and anger fade away. Gratitude reconnects us with our Being, with our centre, feeling the power of being masters of our life. Gratitude to feel free, to feel united… Nobody will ever be able to take away what we really are. The essence of the Human Being.

I want for my son a world without fear. To be able to walk through nature, one of the things we like the most. To meet with all the friends we want, to share laughs or to discuss a topic while having a glass of wine. I want him to get tired of giving hugs and kisses. I want him to enjoy and be enriched by traveling and learning about other cultures. I want him to be able to choose freely. I want him to know the faces of his family and friends.

I want my son to cheer the world with his eternal and beautiful smile!

I take this opportunity to wish you a warm winter that wraps our hearts. It is in our hands to choose how to live our 2022.

Happy Holidays!


Helena Cuerva
December de 2021

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