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We have been taught and we live in a world self-called “civilized”, even though guilt, criticism and judgment are part of our daily lives.

All this happens in a trail full of punishments, believing that someone deserves something bad for what he or she has done. This leads us to live constantly with the unawareness of having been educated under this «criminal law Code» that each one of us has been developing.

In other words, we do not know how many judgments, accusations and criticisms we carry out throughout the day; neither towards ourselves nor towards others.

A real pandemic of unconscious judgments is behind the construction of our internal and external world. We criticize what we see as contrary, harmful, wrong or unfair, without realizing that there is another level behind those actions or behind what we believe is the “reason of the action” that we do not approve.

Are we going to be able to build a kinder world behaving this way?

It seems difficult for us to be able to foster the world we desire if our internal dialogue is not more understanding with ourselves, and we do not develop tools to connect with others.

«Our internal criminal law Code defines how we see the world and others»

Moreover, we live in the era of diagnoses, syndromes and labels. In all these past years I have met meet people who start their personal processes telling me the label that another professional (or themselves) had put on: I have depression, I am celotypic, I have insomnia, I am a highly sensitive person…

This may be useful as long as it helps us to understand but not to generalize. And also if it helps to “open the door” to what each person is living specifically, but not to reach general conclusions.

The way we understand the world, how we tell ourselves about our own lives, and the kind of internal dialogue we have with ourselves determine our emotions and in the long term conditions our actions.

To improve both, exterior and interior, I have developed and applied in online and face-to-face sessions a model called «Conscious Evolutionary Communication”.

CEC is the result of my experience during the past years with hundreds of patients of different cultures, as well as an international cross-training in different streams and tools.

This proposed model starts from the inside to generate a greater conscious balance with our own state, presence, reception and intention.

Which we seek to «read» the information behind the words or actions that can harm us, to develop the ability to build empathic communication capable of generating a form of nutritious expression.

“CEC gives us better internal and external communication; with other people and with ourselves».

It is not immediate; you need to work and integrate this skill
It is not eternal; you need to be aware of the process, to be able to keep in path.
It is not magic; you must evolve and put the best of yourselves.

But it does save us from our own internal punishments and from punishing others (our children, friends, partner…). It prevents us from generating empty communications or those that lead to misunderstandings. CEC is a way of reaching towards the construction of happiness and helps to find our place in the world.

Can you imagine a world in which we know how to communicate with the best of ourselves even in the most difficult moments?

Construction depends on us; settle it in adults and teach it to children. We should apply it first to our emotions and then to our way of seeing the world.

In addition to applying it in my personal sessions, I teach CEC both individually and in private groups, as well as in open online workshops. You can find information on my website and social networks, feel free to contact me.


Rubén Fornell

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