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There are few places in the world that, no matter how hard we try to describe them, you have to be there and feel the experience to understand their real essence. L’atelier nº74 is one of them. We could say that it is a coffee shop. Or a restaurant. Or a ‘concept store’. Or a cultural workshop. Or a meeting point in Santa Gertrudis park. Or a nomad events producer. And all this will be true, but all these labels are not enough for this place where human value that gives meaning to the project is what matters most.

Nowadays, where industrial processes and immediacy are to the order of the day, when choosing handmade garments done by real artisans, is closer to a revolutionary act than a consumer one. Because it is so gratifying to know that the cotton of your dress you are wearing is organic, as it is to know the name of the Ibiza weaver who made your sweater —you never know where you can find him or her, but the island has that magical power to tie up loose ends—. In addition, the profit generated by the courses or the sales of garments collections made on the island, are destined to the foundation that supports workshops and the work of the collaborating artisans.

Speaking about connecting the dots, something that deserves to be highlighted about  L’atelier nº74 concept, is that you can learn how to make many of the products that you can find in the store (such as handbags or the wool collection) not only buy them. You can make them with the help of creative kits o directly lean how to do them in the workshops offered every day. By offering this cultural meeting point the idea is to promote those ancestral techniques such as ceramics, crochet, embroidery, painting, cooking or leather work (among many others that are added to the proposal) so we can keep them alive in the community.

Between coffee aroma and the colorful composition of wool balls and other materials that complete the shelves in the background, both residents and visitors gather around the tables, and have a common desire to learn and develop their artistic abilities, as well as to share a good time (and having something sweet or salty to eat, depending on what the craving dictates). Pleasure comes from working the ceramics with your own fingers, enjoying that mystical silence generated when the group of weavers suddenly enters that inherent hypnotic state of the crafts, is very exciting.

As for the menu -which can be enjoyed in the restaurant and also ordered to take away-, it has a variety of dishes from different cultures ranging from traditional recipes such as shakshuka and carrot cake to more contemporary proposals such as quinoa porridge, raspberries, citrus and pistachio or the vegan hot dog. In addition, there are gluten-free and vegetarian options, the ingredients are organic and mostly local from farms in Ibiza. Everything is recycled, including organic remains. All you have to do is to watch through the kitchen’s window and see who the chefs are working with that enthusiasm that only outcrops when done with pleasure.

L’atelier nº74 is located in the heart of the island of Ibiza in Santa Gertrudis, but neither the town nor its walls delimit its borders: creative energy spreads towards its shores. On board l’atelier vans, the team travels to any destination with a gastronomic, artistic and entertainment proposal to turn around any meeting into an authentic celebration. Our beach kits, including an umbrella and chairs are also available, and you can even order a picnic to take away…

We may say many things, but it will never be like living them by yourself. How can we explain that when picking up a bag, you find inside endless anecdotes? Or what to say about finding boy scouts that may appear in every corner, you are advised to be carefull… Perhaps it is wise to warn you that when walking through the door, you may have the risk of falling madly in love. In other words, found: in a garden full of flowers where flavors merge with music and smiles, creating a unique formula.


Mavi Iglesias



Creative space in the heart of Ibiza. Cafè, restaurant, take away, workshop area (ceramics, kitchen, weaving, painting, macramé, leather, among others). Decoration and fashion store for all ages, nomadic events and food track in Santa Gertrudis park.  Open every day from 9:30 am – 11:30 pm.

Reservations: 971 197 326

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