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Breathing is intrinsically linked to life. This function points our awakening to life at birth and also the moment of our death.

Air enters our lungs from outside the body (inspiration) and leaves them (expiration) 12 to 17 times per minute. When we breathe in, the thoracic volume increases. We can decide to take more or less air, at different speeds, with sounds… We can breathe in with the intention of bringing air to different parts of the body. We ​​can breathe in by taking air to one lung or another, or both of them; we can take the air to the abdominal region, or to the ribs in an accordion way. We can also can also bring the air upwards like towards the neck, or towards the back of the spine. Each of these different breaths have a purpose, all are valid and all enrich our lung and respiratory capacity. Each of them have a specific reason that will give us greater awareness to help us to «open» and stimulate certain areas of our body.

From my point of view there are no «good or bad» breaths, in fact, the more variety of types of breaths we learn, the better will be our ventilatory experience. They are all useful tools if are well executed that will enrich our experience, open new neural pathways, and can help to have more visceral movement, benefiting our digestion or venous return, for example. They will also help to stimulate vital energy and can even lead to changes in the way we think and in our emotional state.

We invite you to inquire about your way of breathing, giving yourself a few minutes daily to become aware of your respiratory changes in terms of frequency, volume and time. Your breathing will not be the same if you are watching TV news as if you are listening to music that you like. There will be differences in terms of speed, volume, heart rate, blood pressure, and even emotionally.

In our classes, we give great importance to all this facts and to the presence that breathing gives us in life and in health. Being aware of how we breathe throughout the day brings us to our body, to the present, to what we are actually living and how we are living it. This is a gift that you can give yourself without any judgment, just give yourself the enjoyment of knowing yourself, of living yourself.


Florencia De Gaetano


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