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At L’Atelier nº74 Ibiza, every day new experiences: new recipes, new collections, new colleagues, new organization systems… And new friends, too. The season brought visitors from several countries who were able to travel as restrictions were eased. After half a year behind closed doors, L’atelier team got back to the task with great enthusiasm, a menu and a proposal for much more extensive workshops compared to the previous year.

Among the recipes that had the most success during this summer, the quinoa porridge with raspberry and pistachios remained at the top of the breakfast top ranking list, hand in hand (or rather, bite by bite) with the avocado toast, cherry tomatoes, arugula and Zaatar spices (our formulas are not secret).

Lunches were a bit more diverse, though salads of goat cheese, falafel, and soba noodles made their way endlessly from the kitchen to the garden. Healthy and light alternatives take the main stage on hot days, although the most powerful proposals such as the “payés” chicken nugget burger and the sweet potato (boniato) fries were also able to win over their fans. As for the desserts, the homemade ice creams, waffles and crepes migrated to the garden bar and tempted everyone with that sweet aroma of irresistible things…

To make this true, the kitchen team put their hands and brains to work by reviewing the existing recipes and their preparation procedures, studying new alternatives and pampering the rest of the colleagues, who from one moment to the next became part of a gastronomic jury during tastings.

The restaurant room team was also organized to distribute all the tasks and each one to focus on something – at L’atelier we dream of an equitable, horizontal and cooperative work system, so we design our own protocols, according to desires, virtues and abilities of each person-. The list of «planned improvisations» does not end there, since the communication team tried on the new prototypes of dresses, swimsuits and shorts, getting off the screen for a while … And among all the teams, we did a lot of brainstorming (never better said) o tackle setbacks in the best way, in this fleet where we are all captains, rowing to the same direction.

The workshop proposals kept on flourishing in summer and the book making workshop, the natural flower crown workshop, the handbag customization workshop and the natural cosmetic workshop, among others… We took these workshops all around the island. And there are more on the way, added to the classics such as knitted and crocheted or ceramic for adults and children.

During the events organized, we do not only call on apprentices, experienced weavers also have a place at L’atelier. The wool collection «made in Ibiza» will go around the world by the hand of nº74. Each unique piece will be signed by its artisan, in an act of love.

What is behind this constant innovation? An inventive drive that pushes to express oneself, a desire for discovery, a great desire to play, share and explore new paths. A fertile and flat terrain to put your imagination into action. A certainty that you can always evolve. And above all, the pleasure that comes out from bringing something to life and watching it grow.

The creativity service at the table is a great example of this. By visualizing this possibility, although there is no workshop at a specific time, you can always ask for a canvas and materials to paint, we saw how it became a tradition and hundreds of children (and adults too) took the opportunity to awaken this facet. Our desire to keep artistic techniques alive, to be a cultural meeting point, to create beauty in community, was fractalized. We began to receive photos and messages from many families, happy to have shared moments like this that they will always remember at L’atelier. For us, that is a source of immense joy, it confirms that dreams are fulfilled and that the possibilities of expression are infinite.



Creative space in the heart of Ibiza. Cafè, restaurant, take away, workshop area (ceramics, kitchen, weaving, painting, macramé, leather, among others). Decoration and fashion store for all ages, nomadic events and food track in Santa Gertrudis park.  Open every day from 9:30 am – 11:30 pm.

Reservations: 971 197 326

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