Those things that cannot be expressed in words – Rocío Palacios

After a while it is time to return to this beautiful sharing. AARTI comes back and with it the platform that shows that in Ibiza there are great opportunities to develop a healthy life in many levels.

We are really happy with the renewal of this magazine that gives voice to our souls. It is our soul who needs our gaze, it is the one that needs to bring to light everything that has been silenced in our personal history and that usually the world does not name.

Today I want to focus on a topic of the psychic trauma, which is in my opinion essential, and even though it is part of all our lives, it is generally forgotten and relegated.

We can say that psychic trauma is any emotional impact that we have experienced and that has been silenced. Often, this trauma has the indifference of our surrounding, which has not legitimize it, did not it see it, or did not lend us an ear to be heard. In some other cases using phrases like these: «shut up, you should not speak about it», «you are saying nonsense», «but, what are you talking about» … or the simple: «that’s nothing».

It is possible that when you are reading this you may come up with many other phrases said to silence you.  Today we no longer have any doubt that any silenced emotional impact causes in our soul wounds, which may be a long lasting injuries with consequences that become part of our life. Some of these express themselves as physical symptoms or illnesses, others cause a dissociation that manifests itself when we experience forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, lack of concentration, anxiety, sudden mood swings, extreme tiredness, etc.

The truth is that if we put in words our suffering, it lights up. We need someone with empathy to validate this process. We need to make visible the consequences of not looking, of excluding the pain of our soul from our consciousness, to put it in its proper site, so that it can take place the natural repair process that is present in all of us.

This is a process that is “frozen” when the environment silences us and does not offer a validation of what has happened. And that which was frozen, is thawed when someone assumes the much-needed role of echoing what happened to us -or is still happening to us- which allows us to put a voice, to express in words what we have experienced.

It is at least curious how the important events that took place are told by all the media, without ever naming psychic pain. A few day ago, I was watching a documentary about an area of Europe where a civil war ended just 25 years ago. I was marveled to realize that the only thing that mattered was whether they had rebuilt or not the place, avoiding completely whether the souls of those towns were rebuilding themselves after the horror of war. Al all this happens in the XXI century in which neuropsychology supports the research of relevant psychotherapists of the century about the impact of physical and psychological trauma.

What I have just said only shows, that we keep turning our backs on the reality that our soul needs to be seen to allow its self-healing. This also means that groups of people also have a collective soul that, as we can now understand, takes longer to rebuild than some bombed buildings.

What is the reason of «not naming» the only thing that really matters?

I would like to believe that the answer lays on that we all still ignore this. This denial is an essential aspect of what some of us daily work on, being like an invitation to share, to extend, and to give voice to all those things that cannot be expressed in words.

Let us be the gaze that gives some space to help those people who have not yet found words for their psychic pain. Let us therefore be that safe space to allow them to connect with those parts of themselves that were silenced in order to survive in environments that did not give a look or voice to difficult experiences. This is how they will be able to feel the bond with themselves again and feel safe again.

In this process we need each other to express in words those things that cannot be named.

Today I echo only one thing; I see you, I see me, I see you. Entirely. Both with what is accepted and with what is still in the shadows.

We live a silent revolution, that of the inclusion of the soul in our lives. Let’s keep on it. We always have more options to Listen.

Thanks AARTI for coming back, expressing in words those things that want to be seen


Rocío Palacios

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