We interview Maryam Roselló, artisan baker, owner of «Es Brot»

Hello Maryam, could tell us some general brushstrokes about yourself?

My name is Maryam Roselló, daughter of Ibiza parents. I’ve studied and have been always dedicated to gardening and landscaping. I love plants. Around 20 years ago I embraced Islam religion and follow the spiritual branch of Sufism. I am very curious, I have many concerns and I am very creative.

Born in Ibiza, how do you feel that this particular situation we are experiencing these days is going to affect the island, both positively and not so positively?

I am not living it scared, I find moments of blessing, which bring thanks, I also see human kindness … Clearly this is going to have some undesirable consequences on a material level on our island, that in the long term may splatter to everybody. We are a touristic island, but deep down I feel it as a gift, an invitation, a great opportunity.

You are an artisan, mother of four children and you carry the work of the workshop by yourself. What has been your personal attitude towards this situation?

Being a mother is a great life challenge. If you add that you want to have a profession or develop a project, this challenge gets bigger. For most mothers this combination is not usually comfortable or easy, neither on a material level nor in emotional sense. Bread making is like an extension of being a mother, in many ways they are alike.

How did you learn to make bread? In its elaboration, is there any special trick or technique that you use?

Even if you don’t believe me, I don’t think I know how to make bread …hehe, because I think is something you can never finish learning. It is really about understanding processes. I started making bread in a self-taught way, thanks to my curiosity, my ability to learn, by observing, but above all, by making mistakes.

The world of bread is like an ocean of techniques, of elaborations. Only in Spain there are many types of bread. Depending on the region, types of grain in each area, culture, etc. Imagine this on a planetary level!

When we can say that a bread is really handmade?

It is not an easy question to answer, it involves many concepts. Nevertheless, nowadays there is precise legislation that regulates all of these denominations. Many concepts that until now have been used indiscriminately by industrial bread in their labeling, such as: «natural», «sourdough», «artisan», «whole» … can no longer be used. And also the word artisan, has nothing to do with using machines or not as mixers. I think it is very simple to understand what is or is not an artisan bread. Like artisan ceramics, an artisan shoemaker, etc.

Why the name of “Es Brot”?

Haha … The name was a quite spontaneous decision and without much hesitation. The word «Brot» in Spanish means sprout and in German bread. There it is, there is no more, total improvisation, and I love it.

The slogan you use is: «Real bread». What philosophy is hidden behind this phrase? What is the message you want to send to your customers?

Basically it is related to the fact that I make bread without deception, bread as it is, as simple as combining flour, water, sourdough and salt, and letting it ferment during the necessary time to get a good result. It’s that simple and fascinating … and rich.

What kind of bread does “Es Brot” offer us?

The bread is made with quality organic flours, fermented with sourdough, respecting the fermentation time to obtain a good nutritional product. It is cooked in a wood oven.

Perhaps there are people who do not know what «sourdough» is. Can you explain it to us briefly? What benefits does it bring to bread?

I think after this quarantine almost everyone will know what sourdough is, …haha. It is simply the result of fermentation thanks to yeasts and bacteria that already exist in the flour. By hydrating that flour, fermentation occurs. Fermentation with sourdough provides multiple benefits, such as aroma and flavor. Also allows the bread to have a better preservation, and to be more digestibility, nullifies phytic acid, more nutrients …

 “Es Brot” has joined, like many other local businesses, the use and recovery of “xeixa” wheat to make its breads ¿Haven’t you?

Exacly, right now I’m using an organic xeixa flour grown in Ibiza. It is difficult to work due to its lack of regularity in grinding. I also use another type of certified organic xeixa of Menorcan origin, because it is much finer and more regular. Ideally, Ibiza should have its own cereal production and should not have to bring almost all the flour from outside. This is why we really need a place to grind the grain in the island.  Actually people are getting involved in solving this essential point. So, please everyone support xeixa bread!

We have to make a special mention of your gluten-free bread, which has a great acceptance among your customers

Yes, curiously this bread, especially in Ibiza, is being highly requested… but to be honest, it is not the bread that I like the most, partly because I consider gluten «fear» is a fad and also because there is no need to fight against gluten, you simply have to ferment it.

What is your secret “ingredient” to make real bread of “Es Brot?

Well, I will tell you:  is the high quality ingredients and processes. But mostly because it is a bread made with affection, conscience and a lot of pan-ciencia (bread-science).

Thank you very much Maryam for this beautiful interview. I have known you from your beginnings and I am really glad that Es Brot continues and has a bright future. You are a beautiful person and you deserve the best. I would have loved to give you a hug but circumstances have made us do this interview from the distance.

Helena thanks to you, and it is an honour that you have chosen me for your special interview of the month. Thank you for your wishes, I admire you as a woman and I wish you all the best. And of course, I wish you to always enjoy plenty of real and high quality bread. Virtual hug.

Maryam Roselló

Artisan baker, bread made with sourdough and baked in wood oven

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