We interview Raimon Torres Korkeamäki, owner and farmer of the ecological farm called «Tierra de Ibiza»

Hello Raimon, could you give us some brushstrokes about yourself?

My name is Raimon Torres Korkeamäki. My father is from Ibiza father and my mother from Finland. I have worked all my life as a waiter. Since the beginning of 2016 I have been working in organic farming on a three-hectare family farm.

You grew up in the countryside, surrounded by nature. What does it mean for you to «touch», «take care», «cultivate» the land?

It takes me back to my childhood. When I was only three years old, my grandparents tried to teach me their knowledge about farm the land, take care of animals and water the plants, the love of touching the land and work it…

You have always worked in restaurants and hotels. In 2016, disappointed with a certain kind of tourism, you decided to leave your job and to travel to Thailand. This trip was a turning point in your life, correct?

Yes. I had been tired for years from the aggressive tourism that was coming to Ibiza and I reached a point where I felt that I had to change my life. I travelled to Thailand with my couple and some friends, and after a month, with a clear mind, I felt the need to change my profession, and decided to dedicate myself to agriculture and reconnect with the countryside.

Is this when your project “Tierra de Ibiza” was born?

Yes. The farm that my grandparents had worked a lot was spoiling, I had to recover it whatever it took. It has been a long journey, especially the first two years, which were based on try and failure.
We think that agriculture is easy, but you quickly realize that it is not so easy. Although, the desire to move it forward and watching that the mistakes you once had become joys is very comforting. Nature itself gives you the energy to carry on and not to not give up.

Your slogan in «Tierra de Ibiza» is: «The Secret of Health» What is the message you want to give?

It is simple. By growing in a sustainable and ecological way we really know what we are eating.

That same year, 2016, you request a subsidy offered by Ibiza Consell for young farmers that ment a great support for your project. What do you think about the current situation of Ibiza farmers and producers?

Since I started in the agricultural sector until today, I have seen an increase of young people who want to become farmers and producers. The more we are the better, because if there is no generational replacement of young people who want to dedicate themselves to the countryside, Ibiza may lose a great treasure that gives us food, rural tourist landscapes and its essence.

You keep on learning through different courses, trips, etc. For example, a course offered by Sant Antoni Agricultural Cooperative on Ecological Agriculture. What is your farmer way and philosophy in Tierra de Ibiza?

We cultivate in an ecological way, respecting the environment and, above all, trying to use the knowledge that my grandparents taught me. At that time there was no money, so they used the compost from the animals of the farm.

In your opinion, does the best knowledge of the earth comes from the wisdom of our grandparents and ancestors?

Of course. They wera the ones who knew the earth in a deeper and more authentic way and have passed their wisdom from generation to generation.

I want to take this opportunity also to thank the Consell of Ibiza for the trips they organized for young farmers. In these trips we have been able to visit other Cooperatives or orchards of Spain, learning new cultivation techniques and creating links between farmers of the island. We help each other sharing the knowledge from our families. This is a way to extend the legacy of this wisdom.

What products can do you offer in Tierra de Ibiza?

Mainly we offer fruit, seasonal vegetables, herbs and eggs from our own chikens.

One of your objectives is to take care of our island and to recover varieties of endemic products that can be grown only in Ibiza. Which are these products? Why is important to recover the cultivation of them?

Right now, we have local varieties of: Xeixa blat (wheat), Ibizan white pepper, eriçò melon, watermelon and desiree potatoes. They are varieties adapted to the island and increasingly appreciated and consumed by the people who know about them. In addition, the Leader group of the Consell is doing a great job promoting these products.

In the farm you have a direct sales store. In what other places can we find your products?

You can find me every Saturday at the Mercat de Forada and you will also find my products in stores such as: «Pachamama», «Es Senalló», «Sakura», «Herbarius», «Can Guasch», «Terra Masia», «Cooperativa Ecofeixes ”And the“ Cooperativa Sant Antonio ”.

What are the benefits of consuming local product?

Mainly, consuming local product is beneficial for our health, it is km0 and seasonal food, more nutritious and healthy. It also means supporting the work of island farmers, producers and ranchers, and therefore helping the local economy. Another great benefit is that it helps conserve the environment of our beloved island and improve its rural and natural landscape.

Healthy and ecological food, sometimes it is very expensive and not all people can afford it, or not as much as they would like to. Your prices are affordable to everyone.

I always try to keep the affordable. I have lived two years in Sweden and there the price difference between conventional and organic products varies only between 10-20 cents.

Right now you are carrying out two projects: an aromatic plantation and the cultivation of bees.

Yes. This year we have encouraged ourselves with aromatic plants because customers ask me more about them every day. The bees’ project is for my own and because they will help me a lot to pollinate everything I have planted in the garden.

Thank you very much Raimon for taking care of this island that we love so much and for helping to preserve its history and countryside culture. It has been a pleasure these hours with you, thanks for your closeness.

Thank you very much Helena for the interview, it was very pleasant for me too. Thanks for believing in my project. I also want to tell you, after our long talk, that you should never stop doing what you like. Big hug.

El Secreto de la Salud
Raimon Torres
Camino de sa Vorera km.5, justo al lado de bodegas Can Rich.
tel. 627 334 711
Fb e IG: tierradeibiza

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